HS17 Excursions


Health and safety practices criterion 17

Whenever children leave the premises on an excursion:

  • assessment and management of risk is undertaken, and adult:child ratios are determined accordingly. Ratios are not less than the required adult:child ratio;
  • the first aid requirements in criterion HS25 are met in relation to those children and any children remaining at the premises;
  • parents have given prior written approval to their child's participation and of the proposed ratio for:
    • regular excursions at the time of enrolment; and
    • special excursions prior to the excursion taking place; and
  • there are communication systems in place so that people know where the children are, and adults can communicate with others as necessary.

When children leave the premises on a regular or special excursion, the excursion must be approved by the Person Responsible.

Documentation required:
A record excursions that includes:

  • the names of adults and children involved;
  • the time and date of the excursion;
  • the location and method of travel;
  • assessment and management of risk;
  • adult:child ratios;
  • evidence of parental permission and approval of adult:child ratios for special excursions; and
  • the signature of the Person Responsible giving approval for teh excursion to take place.

Related to clause 46(1)(a&b) of standard.


The criterion is underpinned by the understanding that excursions outside the licensed premises are a valuable aspect of the service’s curriculum. The inherent risks involved in outings and excursions from the licensed premises must be managed to uphold the safety and well-being of children.

Amended May 2015

Last updated: 4 June 2015