HS12 Hazard management


Health and safety practices criterion 12

Equipment, premises, and facilities are checked on every day of operation for hazards to children.

Accident/incident records are analysed to identify hazards and appropriate action is taken. Hazards to the safety of children are eliminated, isolated or minimised.

Consideration of hazards must include but is not limited to:

  • cleaning agents, medicines, poisons, and other hazardous materials;
  • electrical sockets and appliances (particularly heaters);
  • hazards present in kitchen or laundry facilities;
  • vandalism, dangerous objects, and foreign materials (e.g. broken glass, animal droppings);
  • the condition and placement of learning, play and other equipment;
  • windows and other areas of glass;
  • poisonous plants; and
  • bodies of water.

Documentation required:

A document hazard identification and management system.

Related to clause 46(1)(c)(iii) of standard.


The criterion aims to uphold the safety of children by ensuring that services have a mechanism to assess and address environmental hazards in an ongoing way.

Amended May 2015

Last updated: 4 June 2015