43 Curriculum standard: general

(1) The curriculum standard: general is the standard that requires every licensed service provider to whom this regulation applies to —

(a) plan, implement, and evaluate a curriculum that is designed to enhance children’s  learning and development through the provision of learning experiences, and that is consistent with any curriculum framework prescribed by the Minister that applies to the service; and that

  1. responds to the learning interests, strengths, and capabilities of enrolled children; and
  2. provides a positive learning environment for those children; and
  3. reflects an understanding of learning and development that is consistent with current research, theory, and practices in early childhood education; and
  4. encourages children to be confident in their own culture and develop an understanding, and respect for, other cultures; and
  5. acknowledges and reflects the unique place of Māori as tangata whenua; and
  6. respects and acknowledges the aspirations of parents, family, and whānau; and

(b) make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the service provider collaborates with the parents and, where appropriate, the family or whānau of the enrolled children in relation to the learning and development of, and decision making about, those children; and

(c) obtain information and guidance from agencies with expertise in early childhood learning and development, to the extent necessary, to—

  • support the learning and development of enrolled children; and
  • work effectively with parents and, where appropriate, family or whānau.
  • (2) Each licensed service provider to whom this regulation applies must comply with the curriculum standard: general.

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