ICT questions and answers

CORE Education Ltd (CORE Ed) managed an Early Childhood Education (ECE) Professional Learning Programme for the Ministry of Education from January 2006 to December 2009.  CORE Ed ran an on-line help desk for the 70 ECE services in the programme to assist them with their ICT issues. CORE Ed have collated the most common questions and answers from the helpdesk to share with the ECE sector.  The topics range from working with photos to blogs, movie cameras, music and more.

The questions have been categorised into general, Windows and Mac. For troubleshooting answers, it is assumed that the basics have already been tried.


  • ensured that the Windows updates have been applied;
  • checked for newer versions of the programs;
  • ensured that drivers have been updated.
  • ensured that software update has been run;
  • repaired disk permissions.

Last updated: 24 November 2009