ICT infrastructure cabling


This information is meant only for the technical engineers who are installing the ICT system in your ECE centre.

This Information

This information, and the attached document, outlines the minimum cabling standards adopted by the Ministry of Education for information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructures in buildings occupied by New Zealand Early Childhood Education Services.

This information will be updated as standards and requirements change. Prior to using this, please confirm that it is the latest version. The latest version of the document in Word format may be downloaded from this page.


This information has been prepared by the Ministry of Education for use by New Zealand Early Childhood Education Services and other organisations which participate in the design and implementation of ICT infrastructures for those Services. The document addresses ICT cabling in new buildings and those planning significant upgrades and extensions to existing infrastructures.

It provides information on:

  • Technical requirements for cabling systems
  • Product selection and system dimensioning
  • Design, installation and testing requirements
  • Cabling documentation and administration


This document addresses the following aspects of ICT infrastructures in buildings for New Zealand Early Childhood Education Services:

  • Structured cabling systems comprised of balanced copper cabling
  • Cable pathways and equipment accommodation

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Last updated: 6 August 2012