Self review guidelines for early childhood education

About the guidelines

For an organisation to grow and improve the quality of its services it is important it monitors its performance. Ngā Arohaehae Whai Hua/Self-review Guidelines for Early Childhood Education were created with this in mind.

Developed through extensive consultation with the sector, the guidelines were designed to encourage early childhood education (ECE) services to adopt a process of self-review that complements external review undertaken by the Education Review Office (ERO) and examines how practice enhances children’s learning and development.

Covering all areas of the self-review process – from introduction to implementation – this document explains the why and how for introducing such practices to an early childhood service and the long term benefits for doing so.

Self-review can be integrated into professional development programmes to build ECE services’ capability to implement effective review and to use the self-review process as part of the cycle of continuous improvement.

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Last updated: 7 July 2009