Special grants (PG4)


The Special Grant is a discretionary grant to assist a playgroup to cover the large "one off" costs that cannot be met from other funding. The Special Grant may meet the full costs of what is applied for or it may provide a contribution towards the larger expense.

Note: As this is a discretionary grant, the applicants are not guaranteed to receive monies applied for.


Playgroups that are eligible for the Playgroup Funding are also eligible to apply for the Special Grant.  Special Grant applications must be endorsed by the ECE Manager of your local Ministry of Education office.

Consult with your ECE coordinator to help decide whether your playgroup is able to apply for a Special Grant.

Special grant uses

Special Grant funding is available for set up costs associated with resourcing a new playgroup (including outdoor education equipment) and to address health and safety issues.  Consideration will also be given to applications for funding to address other extraordinary circumstances.

Special grant conditions

Special Grant Funding is available on the conditions that:

  • the grant is used only for the purpose identified in the application
  • the playgroup informs the Ministry as soon as possible in the event of any changes that affect the immediate use of special grant money
  • any special grant funds unspent after one year from receiving the grant are returned to the Ministry of Education
  • the use of special grant funding is reported in the playgroup’s annual Playgroup Funding Report for the year it was granted and each subsequent year until the funding is used or returned, and
  • equipment purchased with Ministry of Education funding may be reclaimed by the Ministry when the playgroup ceases to operate.

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Last updated: 21 May 2015